Hi Guys,

Welcome to new Render Optimizer V5 for 3dsmax2016 . Use this tool to optimize Light-Method, Sampling-Method, NEW GI „Next“ (prototype) and RAM-Managment.



New Render Optimizer at 3dsmax 2011 + 2012: download Update at 09-01-2012

New Render Optimizer V2 at 3dsmax 2013: download Update at 27-04-2012

New Render Optimizer V3 at 3dsmax 2014: download Update at 18-04-2013

New Render Optimizer V4 at 3dsmax 2015: download Update at 01-05-201

New Render Optimizer V5 at 3dsmax 2016: download Update at 21-07-2015

Install Render Optimizer at 3dsm2011/3dsmax2012 / 3dsmax2013 / 3dsmax2014 / 2015 / 2016
  1. copy Render_Optimizer_v1.mse + Render_Optimizer_v1_loader.mcr for example to c:3dsmax2012uimacroscripts
    1. copy Render_Optimizer_v2.mse + Render_Optimizer_v2_loader.mcr for example to c:3dsmax2013MacroScripts
    2. copy Render_Optimizer_v3.mse + Render_Optimizer_v3_loader.mcr for example to c:3dsmax2014MacroScripts
    3. copy Render_Optimizer_v4.mse + Render_Optimizer_v4_loader.mcr for example to c:3dsmax2015MacroScripts
    4. copy Render_Optimizer_v5.mse + Render_Optimizer_v5_loader.mcr for example to c:3dsmax2016MacroScripts
  2. start 3dsmax
  3. goto the customize user interface -> Toolbar -> Category mental ray
  4. move per drag and drop the Render_Optimizer Icon to the toolbar and start the new Button.

install IBL Script

Render Optimizer ( added 66 special Options at 3dsmax)
  1. Unified Sampling ( Tutorial: http://www.infinity-vision.de/software/render-optimizer/tutorial-unified-sampling/ )
  2. Progressive Rendering
  3. Image Based Lighting 
  4. Importons 
  5. Importance Sampling
  6. Irradiance Particle
  7. MILA Layering Shader Technology
  8. Ambient Occlusions Cache & Ambient Occlusion GPU
  9. Special Options ( Framebuffer, Final Gathering , Motion Blur …)
  10. Ram Managment 
  11. save/load/remove all Options at the scene File.

Artur Leao, and I am wrote on a same Project, look at his Website.

This Tool is for free. All Users can help to make it better. Please send your Tips/Codes/ideas to Artur Leao or Thorsten Hartmann.

New Registry Option:

Include this Text in ..3ds Max Design 2013NVIDIArayrc File. To activate a Textline delete „#“.


# Ptexure CCMesh, default is off.
# registry „{_MI_REG_CCMESH_PTEX}“ value „on“ end registry

# OpenExr Steroscopie, default ist off.
# registry „{_MI_REG_STEREO_EXR_MULTIVIEW}“ value „on“ end registry

# activate / deactivate Shared Displacement, default is on.
# registry „{_MI_REG_SHARED_DISPLACEMENT}“ value „off“ end registry

# Texture Caching Mode

registry „{_MI_REG_TEXTURE_CACHE}“ value „local“ end registry # as default
# registry „{_MI_REG_TEXTURE_CACHE}“ value „on“ end registry # not use if use distributed rendering
# registry „{_MI_REG_TEXTURE_CACHE}“ value „off“ end registry # deactivate Texture Caching = 100% CPU Power over the hole Rendertime.

registry „{_MI_REG_TEXTURE_CACHE_SIZE}“ value „dynamic“ end registry # as default
# registry „{_MI_REG_TEXTURE_CACHE_SIZE}“ value „1000“ end registry # value in MB



Have fun!

Thorsten Hartmann