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This Tutorial present how will optimize your Final Gathering. Use the new Final Gather „Multiframe“ Mode in 3dsmax2011/12 and Final Gather „Reflection Prerejection“.


New Render Optimizer at 3dsmax 2011 + 2012: download Update at 24-10-2011
Examples Rendering

FG -Specials Parameters

  1. finalgather legacy ( at 3dsmax2012 ) to use the classic FG-Map Format
  2. finalgather precomp legacy ( at 3dsmax2012 ) to use the classic precomputing Display Format. If turn on set FG-Passes to zero.
  3. finalgather reflection prerejection to eliminate FG-Splotches in mirrors
  4. finalgather flip bad geometry normal to activate old Shader format
  5. finalgather Interpolation Modes („3.4″,“strict 3.4″,“automatic“,“multiframe“,“force“
  6. finalgather Interpolate over Num. FG points for using „automatic“ + „multiframe“ mode
  7. finalgather normal tolerance
  8. finalgather passes to optimize the precomputing view at the rendering.


have fun!



thorsten hartmann