Shader Utilities

Shader Utilities Icon  Shader Utilities Pro (SU Pro) is a tool to create all kinds of shadings within a scene. Part of the tool is a converter, which converts foreign shadings to A&D material. SU offers the possibility of using parameters like AO and Round Corners globally on all shadings. There are 3 selection criteria for doing this: The latest addition is the Sample Curve Technology used to optimize the Sample-Types, AO, Reflection and Refraction globally for an entire scene or all materials.

Download Shader Utilities Pro (free Version)

Shader Utilities Pro for 99.-Euro

Clients or new Users please send a E-Mail and i send the Shader Utilities Pro Paket to you.

  • Universal Converter
  • Scene Cleaner ( incompatible Shader, DWG, Revit Import )
  • Shader Optimizer ( Sample Curve Technology )
  • support BSDF
  • support IBL
  • support MetaSL
  • support Vray 2.0 SP1

The fastest Scene Optimizer on the market for mental ray at 3dsMax2009/2010/2011/2012